When a garment achieves cult status, the store becomes a temple
Entrance Store — The now leading avant-garde store in Bucharest, Romania
Elevating 'Entrance' as the one true store in Bucharest
Creative Direction, Retail Design — 2014
'Entrance' is an avant-garde, high-end store in Bucharest, featuring brands like Rick Owens, Damir Doma, Yohji Yamamoto, Juun J, and others who approach similar themes.
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The goal—raise status & awareness in a niche market
The store reached out to help establish itself as the best place to acquire rare avant-garde pieces in the Eastern European region.

There are several features which are common to most of the brands sold in the store. They are shaped and cut to emphasise the human form and make use of texture over colour, form over function. For these reasons and for their premium price, most customers prefer to buy the garments in person rather than online.

Subsequently, we identified three ways to make an aggressive grab of attention in Bucharest and the region.
In-store sculptural pieces, a bespoke lookbook for the new collection and original online content spread the message loud and clear. 'Entrance' is more than a store.
The theme and in-store displays are currently used in all marketing materials and special events.
Results & recognition
The campaign successfully attracted media attention via TV interviews, various fashion blogs and magazines in Romania, and was displayed during Romanian Design Week that year.

The theme is still at the heart of the store, years later, and continues to drive the aesthetic and marketing effort both online and off.
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