Beltechi Neuman
x Meadham Kirchoff
Photography, Styling — Estd. 2017
An ongoing collaboration between Alex Beltechi and Vlad Neuman focused on what's next in fashion photography.
Meadham Kirchhoff
Benjamin Kirchhoff and Edward Meadham were the designers behind London-based label Meadham Kirchhoff. The duo met while studying for BA degrees at Central Saint Martins.

Once one of fashion's most popular British brands, Meadham Kirchhoff has officially dissolved but retains a powerful legacy and influence on today's emerging designers in London.

This editorial experiments with the 'Transparent Rubber Tunic' by Meadham Kirchoff' by showing its evolution subjected to motion. All garments are designed with motion in mind and we think this particular piece presents infinite stories to tell depending on how it is used.
Photography: Alex Beltechi
Styling: Alex Beltechi & Vlad Neuman
Model: Alina Colceag
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