Turn any street into a game of 'Snake'
App, Website Design and Art Direction for Huge Inc — Co-founder, Organizer
A gamification app concept developed with Huge Inc. Street Snake started as an idea to turn any street in the world into a game of 'Snake'. Users are instructed to reach a checkpoint by walking, running, cycling etc. Each checkpoint expands the tail of player and increases the difficulty by limiting the area visible on the map. Crossing your own tail ends the game but it gives you the chance to be a top scorer in your area.
Homepage design
The concept is simple — turn running into a game of 'snake'. Beat your own or your friends workout and avoid crossing your own tail
Street Snake App — Map view
Map view — As the player runs out of time, the view zooms in, making the challenge increasingly difficult as time goes by.
As the game progresses, the difficulty increases. Your visible area is increasingly restricted and the allotted time decreases. Each checkpoint pushes you harder than you've gone before.
The game pits your score against your friends for a chance to be the street champion
Game over and high score view
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