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App, Website & STB design for Fios by Verizon — 2017
W12 Studios in London brought me in to help design Verizon's new service called Fios — an aggregator which pulls together TV shows and movies from Verizon's own catalog, as well as third party content providers like Hulu.
Offering a large number of types of content such as VOD, SVOD and Live TV, the service presents a difficult challenge—making it easy to buy, rent and subscribe to your favourite content providers from a single app / service.

The app comes with a host of features such as being able to watch Live TV from your phone, recording your favourite movies on DVR, making content available offline and using voice search on any device whether it's from your mobile, desktop or TV.
The most personal TV experience
Fios Mobile App — Featured, My Stuff & Search pages.
Wether you're watching a movie at home with the family or catching up on last night's episode of The Tonight Show on the train to work, Fios offers the same experience across its platform range.
Powerfully contextual
Interactions in the Fios ecosystem are designed with consistency in mind, but driven by the need to adapt to various situations and put technology in the background.
Fully responsive
Interactions in the Fios ecosystem are designed with consistency in mind, but driven by the need to adapt to various situations and putting technology in the background.
Fios Set Top Box — The 'Featured' section presents new available content to buy and watch
A consistent, branded design which leverages the best practices of each platform.
Available on iOS and Android, the app is designed to make us of the most powerful practices from each environment. UI elements are more or less customized from native OS library and offer a consistent branded experience.

This practice ensures that the apps aren't simply an iOS or an Android app. They are a distinctively Fios branded experience but retain the benefits of cheaply and quickly building with native UI elements.
A custom experience for each profile
Each profile receives specific recommendations based on their watching habits and switching profiles is easily accesible at all times and built into the hardware as a standalone button on the remote.
Create, customize and switch profile page — Switching profiles is easy on any device
Well documented, versioned and communicated
Using Zeplin instead of red-lining makes the entire process smoother for both sides. Designers are able to spend more time designing and developers always have access to the latest versions. Any changes to the files are automatically notified via email and discussed in Zeplin notes, Slack messages and calls.
Zeplin file preview — Interactive read-only sketch files makes it easy for developers to track changes in detail.
Adding clarity where needed
Throughout the design process, dozens of flows have been created to discuss intended functionality with stakeholders. The final revised flows are also available on Zeplin for developers to use as reference.
User flow — How to create, customize and delete a profile
Fios in numbers
Months working on the Fios app
Standups with the design team
Weekly calls with Verizon stakeholders
Screens and flows uploaded to Zeplin
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