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Bringing a new product brand to life
Brand design, Website design and Social Media Marketing for Verve Life — 2016
Verve Life is a new brand created by Binatone in partnership with Motorola. Their wireless devices target professionals who balance an active lifestyle with the busy aspect of day to day life in the city. Priced in the higher range of connected devices, the gear needed a digital campaign, further development of the brand philosophy and a new website as part of their official launch.
Verve Life — New Logo
Verve Life is owned by Binatone and sells connected devices in partnership with Motorolla. Its target audience is young and middle-aged professionals with active lifestyles.
Homepage — A showcase of new products and announcements
Product detail page — Rider Headphones
Global navigation — Opening the 'Shop' menu item reveals the entire VL product range.
Global navigation — Mobile version of expanded 'Shop' Menu
Product detail page — Photo gallery section
Product detail page
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