Alex Beltechi intersects art and technology through digital design, direction and photography.
Based in London and working directly with entrepreneurs or integrated into larger teams, regardless of project scope or location.
Hermès, Audi, Versace, United Colours of Benetton, Nike, H&M, Lenovo, Jägermeister, The Discovery Channel, Hublot, among others.
Former designer →
Helping emerging and established brands tell their story online
Tackling questions through multiple disciplines
Specialising in mobile apps, e-commerce, responsive websites, creative direction, digital marketing strategy, fashion photography, creative advice / auditing.
Curiosity feeds the cat
In a world where convergent thinking is the goal, divergent thinkers struggle.
Perpetually learning and sharing through articles, videos, workshops and events.
TTC x Visual Playground workshop on Typography
Founder, Organizer
Former designer
Designing a business from the ground up helps me identify the things that truly matter when generating growth.
My design solutions are not only driven by business objectives (as is common), but developed nose to grindstone through my own wins and failures as an entrepreneur.
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